Pellet Storage

Pellet Storage

Pellets are a manufactured product that requires handling and storage different to grain. The raw materials are milled and re-constituted so pellets lose the protective coating and integrity of whole grains.

Moisture and heat are added during processing and these need to be allowed to dissipate. It is therefore imperative that pellets be stored in vented silos or feeders. They need to be able to breathe in storage. This can be achieved by attaching either a ‘witch’s hat’ (weather cowl) or ‘whirly bird’ to the top of the silo.

Pellets are rarely attacked by weevils but they are very popular with grain beetles. Storage hygiene is therefore critical to ensure a minimal chance of infestation. High-pressure water cleaning of silos and feeders on an annual basis is a reasonable guideline with special attention to seams and crevices. Ensure that OH&S guidelines are followed.

Pellets should not be placed in storage and subsequently left to sit without moving. Movement will break up the surface layer and allow the silo to breathe. Endeavour to program orders so that the product is used within 6 months of manufacture. Pellets do not have the same flow characteristics as grains. The angle of the silo cone needs to be at least 45° to ensure that pellets flow freely without bridging.


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