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Kojonup Feeds hold a large quantity of quality raw materials. We offer customers the opportunity to purchase and sell rolled and whole grains and pulses.

Typical Specifications:

Specifications may vary with growing conditions and season but Kojonup Feeds endeavours to source only high quality raw materials within the context of market availability.


  • Crude Protein 11%
  • Ruminant Metabolisable Energy MJ 13.3%
  • Starch 63%
  • Dry Matter 90%


  • Crude Protein 32%
  • Ruminant Metabolisable Energy MJ 13.5%
  • Starch 3%
  • Dry Matter 92%

Field Peas

  • Crude Protein 24%
  • Ruminant Metabolisable Energy MJ 13.2%
  • Starch 51%
  • Dry Matter 91%

If you are interested in purchasing or selling please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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