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Sheep Starter Pellets are a high protein, moderate energy grain-based pellet designed primarily as an introduction for lambs prior to the finishing phase in the feedlot. Kojonup Feeds Starter Pellets contain a comprehensive macro-mineral, trace element and vitamin package to suit WA conditions. They can be fed in conjunction with a palatable roughage in the feedlot or used as a supplement in conjunction with pasture during backgrounding in the paddock. Once sheep have been introduced to grain-based rations on their path to finishing, they must have continuous access. Roughage and potable water should be continuously available. All sheep on grain-based rations should be fully immunised against clostridial diseases.

  • Our standard pellet size is 6mm. We also offer 4mm and 9mm by prior arrangement.
  • Contains added macro-minerals, trace elements and vitamins to meet livestock requirements in WA.


Feeding Stage:

Standard Pellet Size:


Minimum Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein %



10 MJ/KG


  • May contain one or more of the following due to seasonal variations: oat hulls, barley, wheat, lupins, lime, salt.
  • Macro-mineral, trace element and vitamin premix.
  • Do NOT contain Urea.
  • Do NOT contain Restricted Animal Material.

Feeding Guide

  • Kojonup Feeds Sheep Starter Pellets are designed for introducing sheep or lambs to Kojonup Feeds Sheep Finisher Pellets in a feedlot. They are safe to feed straight to sheep whether in self-feeders or trail fed.
  • Starter Pellets can also be used to meet more moderate levels of performance such as deferral feeding of mature sheep.
  • The recommended rate of feeding will depend on the desired level of performance and the nature of any complementary feed-base.
  • Provide free access to good quality drinking water at all times.
  • Voluntory intake of this product will typically be 2-2.5% of liveweight.

Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool, clean and ventilated place.
  • Protect from insects and vermin.
  • When stored under appropriate conditions, best used within 12 months from manufacture.

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