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Sheep Confinement Pellet

About Sheep Confinement Pellet

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Sheep Confinement Pellets are a high protein supplement to be fed in conjunction with cereal hay or straw for deferral of grazing by late gestation ewes. Kojonup Feeds Confinement Pellets contain a comprehensive macro-mineral, trace element and vitamin package to suit WA conditions. To achieve body condition targets they can be fed at a variable rate depending on the quality of roughage on offer. Ewes must be appropriately introduced or transitioned to Confinement Pellets and transitioned out of confinement onto established pasture or forage crop. Once ewes have been introduced to grain-based rations they must have continuous access for the feeding period. Roughage and potable water should be continuously available. All sheep on grain-based rations should be fully immunised against clostridial diseases.

  • Our standard pellet size is 6mm. We also offer 4mm and 9mm by prior arrangement.
  • Contains added macro-minerals, trace elements and vitamins to meet livestock requirements in WA.


Feeding Stage:

Standard Pellet Size:


Minimum Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Protein %



10 MJ/KG


  • May contain one or more of the following due to seasonal variations: oat hulls, barley, wheat, lupins, lime, salt.
  • Macro-mineral, trace element and vitamin premix.
  • Do NOT contain urea.
  • Do NOT contain Restricted Animal Material.

Feeding Guide

  • Kojonup Feeds Sheep Confinement Pellets have a very high grain content and must NOT be fed to hungry stock.
  • Appropriately introduced or transition with continuous access to hay or other fibre source.
  • Provide free access to good quality drinking water at all times.

Storage Instructions

  • Store in a cool, clean and ventilated place.
  • Protect from insects and vermin.
  • When stored under appropriate conditions, best used within 12 months from manufacture.

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